AlfaFlash ZLD

Reuse water and recover value from your waste with an AlfaFlash ZLD system. Featuring the AlfaFlash evaporator and an optional decanter centrifuge, ZLD systems efficiently remove solids from wastewater and other liquids. You can recover valuable dissolved and suspended materials in your process to re-use or sell. And if you have an industrial process that uses significant amounts of water, then you can recycle and reuse water that has been previously discharged, reducing disposal costs.

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Modular or customized system for ZLD and process crystallization

  • Wastewater elimination
  • High purity distillate water can be re-used, recover up to 98% of water used in process
  • Solids minimised, for re-purpose or minimal disposal costs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact yet robust installation, ideal for a wide range of applications

AlfaFlash ZLD systems eliminate liquid wastewater discharge, generate solids for disposal or reuse, and recycle high-purity distillate water that can be beneficially reused.  AlfaFlash ZLD system help both the environment and your bottom-line and are easily adjusted to meet every-changing regulations. Alfa Laval’s proven track record and extensive experience in both thermal solutions and separation technology ensure a cost-efficient solution.


Modular systems in standard configuration or customized to your needs

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) 

  • Requiring electricity as utility
  • Significantly less energy consumption compared with steam driven systems 
  • Available in 1,5-6 ton/hour evaporative capacity or to your specific capacity needs in a customized configuration 
  • Available as pre-assembled module
  • Available in ZLD configuration equipped with crystal dewatering decanter centrifuge to produce a dry solids phase, and as stand-alone evaporator.

Multiple effect systems 

  • Available  Multi-effect using steam, hot water or waste heat to drive the evaporation. Also available with thermal vapour recompression (TVR) enabling less steam consumption. 
  • Available as pre-assembled module
  • Available in ZLD configuration equipped with crystal dewatering decanter centrifuge to produce a dry solids phase, and as stand-alone evaporator.
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Heat sources for evaporation system

Configuration Options

Alfa Laval evaporation systems can use heat from different sources such as mechanical and thermal compression as well as waste vapours from dryers.

Mechanical vapour recompression, MVR 

  • Low (or no) steam consumption 
  • Uses electricity 

Multiple-effect system 


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  • Saves energy by reusing steam 
  • Simple and flexible

Thermal vapour  recompression, TVR 

  • Low cost with reduced steam consumption 
  • Simple, no moving parts

Waste heat from your process


  • Utilize low grade steam or waste heat 
  • Recover energy from exhaust gases 



waste heat recovery

Drive your evaporation process using heat recovered from exhaust gases

Combining Alfa Laval micro boiler into your evaporation system, you are able to drive your evaporation process using energy in your energy from your exhaust gases. The Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro is a uniquely compact boiler/economizer designed for waste heat recovery. This can help you to reduce energy consumption in your plant. 


Working principle

Water is fed into the AlfaFlash heat exchanger. After heating fluid is then pushed through the flash orifice. The mixture is now essentially split in two phases – concentrate and vapour, which enters the cyclone separator where centrifugal forces boost vapour liquid separation. Vapour rises into space where mists and fine droplets are removed and the remaining concentrate flows into the recirculation pump. A side stream of concentrated liquid is then pushed through to the decanter where water is separated from solids. 

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Decanter centrifuge working principle

Alfa Laval decanter technology is used for dewatering suspended solids, resulting in minimum waste and maximum water recovery, with high removal efficiency for micro-particles as well. Watch the video to learn more! 

AlfaFlash working principle

Dig deeper into the functions of the AlfaFlash ZLD system. Watch the AlfaFlash animation and experience our forced circulation evaporation technology first hand



Industries and applications

AlfaFlash ZLD systems are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of applications:


HVO, renewable fuels and bio-based chemicals

Refineries, bioplastic manufacturers and 2G ethanol makers can recycle and reuse wastewater from their renewable energy processes.

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Manufacturing industry and service centres

Service centres, and automotive, tool and electronics manufacturers all need to minimize or even eliminate wastewater to boost profits and achieve sustainability goals.

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Recycling industry

Alfa Laval offer AlfaFlash ZLD systems for crystallization chemical recycling loops (leaching) and more. We can help you with your recycling process and your recycling waste stream.

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Process industry

AlfaFlash ZLD system and process crystallizers can be used in a variety of processes in the process industry.


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Watch the videos to learn more about the AlfaFlash ZLD system! 

Alfa Laval service centre recycle almost 100 percent of its water

Solutions to clean industrial wastewater and recover value from waste

How our solutions make a difference in recycling applications

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