Aalborg Micro

The Aalborg Micro is a compact exhaust gas heat exchanger/steam generator, designed for waste heat recovery from gas/MDO/HFO engines and gas turbines.

Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro waste heat recovery marine boiler

As a heat exchanger, the Aalborg Micro offers a wide range of opportunities, due to the fact that hot water, TEG and TFO can all be used as media. Furthermore the Aalborg Micro can be used as a steam generator. 

A cylindrical unit in the center with an integrated regulation damper allows up to 80% of the exhaust gas to bypass the heating surface.

The heating surface can be cleaned easily via optional soot blower rings using compressed air/steam/water, and/or by a pyrolysis process in dry-run mode.

Vertical and horizontal design

Vertical and horizontal design

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Aalborg Micro how it works design

Aalborg Micro comes with heating surface consisting of a number of co-axial tubes placed in a vertical or horizontal cylindrical shell plate.