TVC - Multi-effect thermo compression desalination

Alfa Laval Multi-Effect Distillation units convert seawater to high purity fresh water for use in power plants, the oil & gas industry, solar desalination, on cruise liners and in industries and domestic water production.

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Pioneer within thermal desalination

Our Thermo Vapour Compression Distiller is a multi-effect desalination plant with thermo vapour compressor.

A multi-effect desalination plant is an important component in modern power and process plants with secures a reliable and cost-effective supply of freshwater by using sea water distillation based on waste heat or low pressure steam.

For modern sea water desalination systems the MED is state of the art in thermal desalination. The distillate from MED plants is high purity water with low dissolved solids content. Further water demineralization downstream of the MED plants if required is achieved with significantly reduced chemical consumption and less regeneration of the ion exchange columns. The pressure energy of the steam can be used more efficiently with Thermo Vapour Compression (TVC-MED)

Our product range covers capacities up to 10,000 m3/day per unit. Based on standard components and a modular concept each unit is custom designed for each particular installation.


Features and benefits

  • Titanium plate type evaporators
  • Full access to evaporator heat transfer surfaces
  • Lowest total water production costs
  • Highest availability
  • Fully automatic operation and low maintenance costs
  • High distillate purity
  • Enhanced performance by means of thermos vapour compression




Did you know that....

The Alfa Laval plate concept has been used in commercial desalination plants for marine and off-shore applications for many years. Success in these markets has opened the door for applications in land installations where large water production capacities are required.