Olmi shell-and-tube special closure

Based on vast design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, Alfa Laval has special closures for its Olmi shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Designed to handle differential pressure, Alfa Laval’s Olmi special threaded plug closure effectively seals Olmi shell-and-tube heat exchangers. No welding for dismantling and reassembly required.

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Other special closures for Olmi shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Alfa Laval, in addition to full range of special flanged HP closures with welded or self-energizing gaskets, provides the threaded plug closures for its shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Efficient closure design, convenient accessibility (threaded plug closures)

Manufactured to ensure compatibility and durability, these closures are designed for efficiency and convenience.


Product benefits

  • No welding or fitting required during opening/closing
  • No large bolts required
  • No high-stress zones
  • Possibility of internal gasket seating in service
  • Easy dismantling and reassembly, especially for the threaded plug closure