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SB Mini Akış Vanası

Ideal for handling small flows when hygienic shut-off and change-over are required, the Alfa Laval SB Mini Flow Valve is used to close or divert the flow of liquids or gases in a broad range of applications in the brewery, food, dairy and beverage industries. The valve can be used as an integral part of a SCANDI BREW® tank top system.

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Versatile shut-off or changeover valve

With its cost-effective modular design, the multi-application valve can easily be configured either as shut-off valves or change-over valves to meet virtually any requirement. Choose from a pneumatic angle valve, pneumatic two-way valve, drain valve with fittings or drain valve with fittings and clip-on.

Hygienic design

Made of 316L product wetted steel parts, the Alfa Laval SB Mini Flow Valve is designed for fast, easy cleaning, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination. The valves are supplied with threaded pipe couplings for 6/8-mm pipe.

Product benefits

  • Versatile shut-off or changeover valve
  • Handles small flows with ease
  • Reliable and compact design
  • Hygienic design
  • Low maintenance 

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The valve comprises valve body, inlet and outlet. It can be used as an integral part of a SCANDI BREW® tank top system.

Operating principle

The valves are in pneumatic or manual execution.

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