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The Alfa Laval ALB bottom-mounted agitator is suitable for atmospheric and pressurized tanks and comes in a range of sizes. The modular design and choice of size ensures an agitator fit-for-purpose so you won’t have to invest more than needed and can look forward to optimal power consumption. The ALB agitators are designed for easy CIP and can also be for use in sterile/aseptic and ATEX-certified applications.

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Excellent levels of hygiene for a wide range of cost-effective, tank-based blending and mixing duties

  • Easily tailored to meet specific tank/process requirements - modular design with hygienic materials increases flexibility and optimizes operation
  • Reduced energy consumption – unique impeller design and product heat absorption makes ALB up to 400% more efficient than impellers with standard pitch
  • Hygienic design and smooth surfaces meet EHEDG, USDA, FDA and 3-A standards
  • Operates at low speeds without reducing pumping capacity – up to 80% less power consumption compared with conventional impellers
  • High productivity – low wear and low maintenance (no dismantling or tank entry, for instance, to replace long-life seals and bearings)

We have versions for sterile/aseptic applications and optional equipment, including welding flange, blind flange, cover for motor/gear and spare part kit, for all ALB bottom-mounted agitators. ATEX certification and material certificates are available on request.


Customer case story: Agitator retrofit boosts dairy energy efficiency

Do you want to learn about how agitator retrofitting helped Milchwerke Oberfranken West eG, an international producer of fine cheese specialties, boost efficiency with up to 80% energy savings?

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Nasıl çalışır


Based on a modular design, our ALB agitators consist of a drive unit with bearing frame, shaft with special shaft seal and specially designed energy-saving airfoil (EnSaFoil) impellers with two or three blades.

An electrical drive motor transmits the energy required for mixing and blending (directly or via a gearbox) to the agitator shaft. The shaft rotates, turning the EnSaFoil impellers. The impeller movement creates a high flow with low shear due to the highly effective axial pumping effect on the liquid in the tank. This results in effective mixing and blending of the entire contents of the tank.


Efficient agitation adds to the mix

Interested to learn about our range of hygienic agitators? Read on to find out more about the benefits and application in this brochure.

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360° Service and maintenance videos

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Food Logic

Alfa Laval'ın hijyenik ekipmanları, hassas ürün bileşenlerini korumak için yüksek performansla hassas işlemeyi bir araya getirir. Gıda endüstrisindeki trendleri takip etmek ve şu dört temel zorluğun üstesinden gelmek: Tüketicilere gıda ürünlerini uygun fiyata temin etme, ham maddelerden en iyi şekilde yararlanma, atık ve emisyonları azaltma, güvenli ve hijyenik gıda ürünleri sunma.

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Ürün kataloğu

Alfa Laval'ın "Close at Hand" hijyenik ekipman ürün kataloğu; ürün kitapçıkları, performans eğrileri, animasyonlara bağlantılar, broşürler ve sipariş amaçlı fiyat listelerini içerir.

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CAD portalı

Ürün modellerini Nötral veya Yerel CAD dosyası biçiminde indirin. 3D PDF dosyalarını indirmek de mümkündür.

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Tank ekipmanı


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