Repair for Aalborg boilers

After years of wear and tear, the performance of boiler and waste heat recovery systems can degrade enough to impair operations or cause unplanned shutdowns. Alfa Laval Repair for boilers restores your equipment to good-as-new condition and can even be used to extend boiler life. It can be a more cost-effective option than buying new parts, or in the worst case buying and installing a new boiler.

Alfa Laval can perform boiler repair on a scheduled or emergency basis, including during your vessel's normal operation. The work can be done in port, at a shipyard or at sea, where it is carried out according to class rules and your specifications.

Alfa Laval has served the boiler industry for a century, working with all aspects of boiler design, manufacturing, inspection and service. Combining this comprehensive experience with technology from today's boiler programme, we can repair and upgrade all types and brands of boiler and waste heat recovery equipment.

Alfa Laval uses high-quality components that ensure lasting plant uptime. Parts and replacements are fabricated in Alfa Laval's own workshops by highly experienced boilermakers and qualified welders. Class-approved materials, plates and tubes are kept either in stock or readily available.

Original documentation is available for all boiler plants manufactured by Alfa Laval, as well those from licensee holders. If required, complete and class-approved service documentation can be provided after service completion.  


Alfa Laval Repair for Aalborg boilers

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  • Repair wherever and whenever needed - in port or during voyage
  • Reduced risk of expensive breakdowns or even off-hire
  • Minimized downtime
  • No delays due to class approval
  • Right the first time - problems are solved correctly as well as quickly 

Scope of service

  • Condition Audit/inspection
    Inspection performed before any major repair to assess wear and identify the causes of poor performance
  • Partial repair/life extension
    As recommended after inspection or based on your specifications, typically including:
    - Replacement of plate, pipes, other boiler parts, casing, refractory and insulation
    - Delivery/installation of boiler equipment
    - Redesign of any type or make of boiler to fit your requirements
  • Full repair/replacement
    Comprehensive service including:
    - Complete boiler retubing
    - New/replacement boiler supplied according to your requirements
    - Replacement of Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers based on original boiler design drawings

Scope of supply

  • In-house design, drawings, engineering and documentation
  • In-house manufacturing and global supply chain management
  • All class approval aspects
  • Global project management, logistics and coordination
  • Full repair management

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