SMM 2018

Products on display

The following products and solutions will be featured at Alfa Laval’s SMM 2018 stand:

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Exhaust gas cleaning

Scrubbing exhaust gas removes harmful SOx compounds before they can enter the air. This lets vesselscontinue using economical HFO, rather than more expensive low-sulphur fuel. Alfa Laval PureSOx is the scrubber solution at the forefront. Ready for both th2020 global sulphur cap and the strict demands in Emission Control Areas, it is available in open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid configurations.

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Ballast water treatment

Alfa Laval pioneered ballast water treatment and still sets the benchmark today. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 is the third generation of the leading ballast water treatment technology – and the first solution to be revised G8 ready. Type approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as by IMO, it offers unmatched performance in the most challenging waters.

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Steam generation

For nearly 100 years, Alfa Laval Aalborg solutions have been at the leading edge of marine thermal technology. Today’s boilers, burners and control encompass the best of the efficient features developed over the years, along with new advances like multi-fuel capability. Perfectly optimized, they operate in harmony with each other and the steam consumers downstream.

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Oil treatment

Alfa Laval separators first opened the door for the fuel oils so common today. That gives us
more oil treatment experience than any other marine supplier. Over the years we’ve reduced the complexity of our equipment while increasing its efficiency and protection. Through today’s Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line, we now do the same on a cross-system level.

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Adaptive fuel line

Sulphur emission regulations are driving the transition towards LNG, low-sulphur fuels and scrubbers and we are ready to enter a new area together with our customers. Alfa Laval’s fuel line will provide engine protection and energy efficiency while keeping you in compliance with new regulations.

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Alfa Laval offers a wide range of automatic fuel and lubricating oil filters for reliable engine protection and lower lifecycle costs. Our filters have a compact design that enables flexible installation and requires a minimum of space in the engine room. Their high filtration efficiency is matched by a low need of maintenance.

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EGR water treatment

In Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), cleaned exhaust gas is used to reduce the engine’s combustion temperature and the formation of NOx. To safeguard the engine and ensure discharge compliance, water treatment is needed. Alfa Laval PureNOx technology is a streamlined and effective EGR water treatment solution, built on Alfa Laval expertise in centrifugal separation and thoroughly proven at sea.

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Heating and cooling

Having led the shift to today’s compact and energy-efficient heat exchangers, Alfa Laval is still pushing limits. With advanced new techniques such as 100% stainless steel brazing and  diffusion bonding, as well as smart design and newly optimized plate patterns, we are achieving entirely new levels of performance.

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