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Opening the new PureBallast Training Centre in Istanbul

The grand opening ceremony hosted marine customers from all over Turkey for the celebration of the new PureBallast Training Centre opening in Istanbul, Turkey on September 26, 2019. As Alfa Laval we were prompted by the customers and the attention to the new training centre.

As Ballast Water Management and Systems are very important nowadays, the focus in the business plans and expectations are evolving around PureBallast. After a such hard work and process, the new PureBallast Training Centre is ready to host its customers from all over the world in Istanbul. Furthermore, customers are very interested in protecting the marine environment and to comply with the ballast water regulations and as a result the high interest in training centres are greatly increasing.

Sabri Yazgan, Marine Division Manager for Alfa Laval Turkey shares, “We made big difference with our Training Center in our market”

When customers buy our Alfa Laval PureBallast equipment they buy peace of mind, but also rely on the crew to get the job done in a good way. The customers are getting aware of the more effectively the crew works with the equipment, the higher its reliability and performance gets.

The PureBallast Training Centre is designed for ease of use so customers and crews can quickly learn how to operate and maintain the system. As ballast water treatment is still a relatively new application, training courses can ensure the crew runs the system with low operational cost and in a way that maximizes the lifetime of the system. Investing in PureBallast trainings means the crew attains competence about the application area and about how to best operate the PureBallast system. There will be also Separator trainings included too. Trainings are available at our Istanbul training facility ready to welcome customers from around the world.

Sabri Yazgan, Marine Division Manager, Tayfun Aydemir, Managing Director, Tamer Gürsoytrak, Technical HSE Manager Service, Akın Gürer, PureBallast Global Sales, Murat Yıldırım, Service Division Manager, Onur Yiğit, Sales Manager, Jonas Alvan, PureBallast Customer Support, Özgür Yalçın, Field Service Manager, Sait Elmas, Facility Admin and the Marine Team had an amazing effort and impact on developing and building the training centre, a big and special thank you to all involved in this amazing project!


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