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With environmental awareness and a favourable cost-efficiency ratio as potent drivers, district heating is gaining ground rapidly. The development race is intense. We know, because as frontrunners we are being challenged repeatedly.

While new equipment continuously saves more and more energy, it also offers end-users comfort at a higher level and makes life easier for operators.

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Within Alfa Laval, AHRI certification is a tradition. The first gasketed plate heat exchangers certified according to the AHRI standard were the ones in our AlfaQ™ series. And they never failed a test, for more than a decade.

This issue of near will bring you testimony on the vital importance of certification by an interview with a representative of a leading US engineering firm. We also interview the vice president of AHRI concerning the Certification Program.

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Energy-efficiency is the core business of Alfa Laval. Since it is a first-rate success factor for our customers, it is also the ultimate measure of our own success. This issue of near highlights two Alfa Laval products taking energy saving to new levels: The district heating substation Mini City and the intelligent flow control system AlfaPilot. A case report shows Mini City playing a key role in a unique social housing project. We also want to share the crucial importance of return temperature.

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Saving energy is urgent, ethically right and financially rewarding. It is also highly realistic. In this issue we present the energy efficiency in terms of money and kilowatts when using AHRI performance certified plate heat exchangers. Since Alfa Laval was an early adopter of this quality system, we have several success stories to tell. One of them takes you to the Bank of America Tower at Bryant Park, New York.

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